Do you have a business idea that supports insurance brokers by generating new business, driving revenue or leads to a better operation?

Does your business idea:
If so... this is your opportunity to pitch your business idea to a panel of Investors and Industry professionals.
Meet the Panel / Investors
Ross Hayward
Director, Premium Funding

Leon d'Apice
Managing Director, Ebix

Paul Dwyer
Managing Director, PSC Insurance Group (PSC)

Troy Brown
Managing Director, Ausure

Jay Fereday
Managing Director, Insurance House Group (IHG)

Greg Arms
Managing Director, Resilium Insurance Brokers (RIB)

Richard Heilig
Executive Director, Hollard Group

The Selection Process

Any industry professionals who have an entrepreneurial idea or a business concept are welcome to apply to InsurePitch.

Applicants that are shortlisted by InsurePitch will be contacted to arrange a meeting (face-to-face, phone call, or via Skype) to further discuss their concept or idea and answer questions that the investor panel may have.

All submissions will be assessed by the panel and successful applicants will be invited to present and discuss in more detail with a view to accelerate your success in the market through investment and distribution.



We are looking for ...


The objective of the pitch is to simply define the idea or concept by
explaining a product, service,
or value proposition.


Remember, the pitch is simple
summary of the idea or concept, i.e.
the product or service, and how it addresses pain points in the market.


Briefly describe the product or service:

Value Proposition

How is the product or service going to add value for customers, brokers and or the insurance industry?

Target Market

Who will be buying the product or service?

Market Size

How big is the target market?


How is the product or service different from existing competition? What is the competitive advantage?

Revenue Model

How will the product or service generate revenue?



Applications close 31st October 2017