Just like the cash flow flexibility your clients have experienced using Premium Funding in the past to manage their insurance and professional service fees costs, they can now utilise our Premium Funding Advance facility to assist with other expenses.

At the completion of each funding contract, Premium Funding can now automatically offer your clients pre-approved business loans. We pay you normal funding commission on these upon acceptance.

How your client uses the loan is completely up to them. Maybe they could;


Purchase of equipment or inventory

Use for working capital

Take advantage of the recent $20,000 tax concessions

Pay invoices such as account, legal and recruitment fees

Example Commission
Premium Funding Loan: $5,000
Broker Commission @ 2%: $100
PF Advance Loan: $20,000
PF Advance Commission @ 2%: $400
Total Earn from Premium Funding on $5,000 Insurance Client: $500